Shopify Store Development

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1.Register from us you can get the Trial indefinitely(Can't Open) VS Register yourself Only 14-30 days trial period.

2.Register with us to get fast account management services VS Register yourself customer service is slow and needs to be queued

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Shopify High Conversion Store Building

NO. Type Basic Plan Pro Plan Enterprise Plan
1 Collection Setting
2 navagation Setting
3 Home Page Design
4 review app setup
5 collection list Setting
6 search page Setting
7 Store Configuration
8 Logistics Setting
9 Description Design
10 about us Design
11 Brand page
12 contact us
13 google feed Setting
14 Google Analysis
15 Parcel track page
16 mega menu Setup
18 Picture seo
19 Boost icon
20 cart boost
21 push marketing setup
22 Facebook page Setup
23 facebook Store Connect
24 email pop up marketing
25 QA
27 slogan Design
28 multicurrency
29 Mul-language
30 CRM system connect
31 erp Connect
32 Service Time 5days 7days 15days
33 Price 3000RMB 5000RMB 10000RMB
Value Added Services
erp api development -
Pinterest setup 500RMB
Instagram setup 500RMB
listing 100RMB/pcs